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Mom – You don’t itemize!

Note – this ‘letter’ is to my mother-in-law, whom I sometimes just call ‘mom,’ even though she’s fine with my using her first name. She’s a widow, and in her 80’s. Dear Mom, It’s no burden for me to do your taxes, in fact, I enjoy the process. After you and dad (who passed away [...]

The Roth IRA Movement

Today is a special day in the world of Personal Financial Blogging. As my regular readers know, I’ve expressed mixed feelings about the Roth IRA. When I read articles telling me that a couple converted a million dollars to Roth, slamming themselves into the top bracket (35%, and possibly higher, through the effect of AMT) [...]

A Spring Ahead Roundup

I’m surprised that Social Security isn’t a more widely discussed topic than it seems to be. All kinds of investing advice, retirement planning with 401(k) or IRAs, but not as much focus on Social Security. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough? Either way, it my pleasure to start this week’s roundup with 7 Secrets [...]

Time to Recharacterize?

Sometime last year you converted some funds from your pretax IRA account to a Roth. Now, the market is down (The S&P index down about 5% year to date) and you are thinking that paying the tax on the higher value when you first converted isn’t the greatest idea. Or, you make have realized when [...]

A Good Roth Conversion

I’ve written about Roth Mania and will stick to my premise, that conversion to Roth makes sense for some people, not all, and rarely a whole conversion of all of one’s IRA balance. Today, I’ll share the story of a woman whose taxes I do. She is retired, a widow, and has an IRA with [...]

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