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A MyRA Roundup

During the recent State of the Union, we were introduced to a new flavor of retirement account, the MyRA. Even the president had a tough time spitting out the words, he started to say, “My IRA,” and then corrected himself, saying, My R A, meaning My Retirement Account. A few days later, the Treasury issued [...]

The 15% solution

I recently read a question from a fellow blogger Briana, who posts at How’s Married Life asking how much she should save to her retirement account each year. As I saw comments come in, for me the larger question wasn’t how much, but simply ‘how.’ Should she save pretax, or post? In the big picture, [...]

A Post Rothpocalypse Roundup

Earlier this week, in an unprecedented example of Personal Financial Blogger cooperation, nearly 150 of us accepted Jeff Rose’ invitation to write about the Roth IRA and promote the cause on twitter with hash tag #RothIRAMovement. It was quite a success, and Jeff got some well deserved recognition, from Reuters Can Twitter make Roth IRAs [...]

This Week’s Roundup

This week we start with the remarkably prolific Miranda Marquit’s article How to Rollover Your 401k to an IRA, an excellent overview of this tricky process.  The only minor point I’d add the her article – if you wish to convert from the 401(k) to a Roth IRA, it’s preferable to first transfer to a traditional [...]

A Winning Season Roundup

  Let’s start this week with a recurring question -Does It Pay to Pay Off My Mortgage Early? Scott on Money addresses this question, offering discussion on what you should consider in making this decision. The Time Management Ninja offered up a great list of 50 Things You’re Putting Off That You’ll Regret Later. Some [...]

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