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Christie’s Plan to Screw Your Retirement

It’s already election season, and we have 15 months to look forward to our politicians each jockeying for position, name calling, debating, all the way to the final two (or three?) we can choose from in November 2016. I am a personal finance blogger, and do my best to stay non-partisan, but when I hear [...]

Retired, With Mortgage

I’d always thought, and advised others, that to retire, one should have their mortgage paid in full. And that was always my own plan. But, anyone who knows finance knows that you can’t plan on an exact stock market return, you can’t plan on your own health being excellent, nor your marriage outlasting your mortgage. [...]

Warning Signs of Poorly Managed Finances

Today’s guest post is from Noreen Ruth – Warning signs are everywhere with some so downright hilarious that the seriousness of the issue is lost in the hilarity. For example, “Not intended for human consumption” was a warning on a bottle of bubble bath. Or this one found on the packaging for a set of [...]

A Luxating Patella Roundup

Let’s start this week with The Embarrassment of Having a Check Denied at the County Clerk’s Office. Kevin at No Debt Plan shared some details that may have been embarrassing, but also should serve as a great lesson to the rest of us. Read the whole article and think twice before you turn up in [...]

Bad Habits Start Young

I was going to title this post something like, “My Daughter, The One Percenter.” I know each of us thinks our own child is special, but it never hurts to get some extra validation. Independent data that proves it beyond a doubt. A brief story from CNN talking about kid’s allowance and savings was interesting [...]

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