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The Craziest Gold Forecast

Gold is now at $1600 per ounce. I’ve stated before, I believe it’s in bubble territory but there are those who think gold is going higher, not just a bit higher, but to $57,000 per ounce. I don’t want to link to such forecasts,  just google ‘gold to $57,000’ and you’ll find a number of [...]

Equity Indexed Annuity #Fail

In the past, I’ve written about Variable Annuities and how I don’t care for them for many, many reasons. Another product I put into a similar category is the Equity-Indexed Annuity. These are products that claim to provide “equity-like returns” with no possibility of loss. Really? Years ago, I analyzed the prospectus for one such [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 34

I’m back with another post on the mortgage acceleration scam by UFirst called the Money Merge Account. I continue to get comments on a number of my posts in this ongoing series, and even though I’ve moved on from the weekly updates, I’ll still add a post here and there when appropriate. This week, I [...]

Money Merge Accounts

My March feature article discusses Money Merge Accounts. This system came to my attention a few months back in the form of a question on a usenet newsgroup. Since then, I’ve gotten as much information as I’ve been able to uncover and am staying with my gut reaction, that if one has the money and [...]