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Before You Buy, Factor the True Cost of Black Friday Gifts

A Pre Black Friday Guest Post – Black Friday and its adorable kid brother, Cyber Monday, are almost upon us. In just a few days, consumers across the country will be lining up to stampede into stores and grab the year’s best deals. If you’re the kind of person who tracks prices, it’s hard to [...]

5 Trends that Will Improve Your eShopping IQ

A guest post today from Andrea Woroch – Budgets, investing and other methods of personal finance are at the forefront this April in honor of National Financial Literacy Month. Smart spending is another essential part of financial literacy, yet many of us continue to make blunders in pursuit of things we want or need. Online [...]

A BOGO Fool Friday

First, you know that in the US, April first is called April Fools’ Day, and (mostly) kids play small pranks on each other. I’m always on the lookout to not fall for this should a friend or coworker try to have fun at my expense. So in today’s email it was interesting that I saw [...]

The Paradox of Choice

With so many people in the world, it should come as no surprise when an author writes a book on a topic that I’ve been thinking about for some time. It started with a scene in the 1984 Robin Williams film Moscow on the Hudson where he’s in a supermarket and is overwhelmed by the [...]

Frugal Friday Week 19

Today, I’d like to offer some more frugal tips, random ideas to help you save some bucks. The Entertainment Book retails for $35, but is often available for half price. It’s a book full of coupons, regionally focused, targeting restaurants, entertainment and travel. You can easily save ten time the purchase cost by using this [...]

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