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Congress, you owe me Dinner and a Movie

I don’t know where I first heard this expression, it might has been a movie line, or it might have been uttered in response to a very bad business proposal. The full line is, “if you’re going to screw me, the least you could do is take me to dinner and a movie first.” Vulgar, [...]

Christie’s Plan to Screw Your Retirement

It’s already election season, and we have 15 months to look forward to our politicians each jockeying for position, name calling, debating, all the way to the final two (or three?) we can choose from in November 2016. I am a personal finance blogger, and do my best to stay non-partisan, but when I hear [...]

An End of Q1 2013 Roundup

This week Michael Kitces wrote about The Taxation Of Social Security Benefits As A Marginal Tax Rate Increase? A great take on the Phantom Tax Rate Zone I discussed at Rothmania. It’s great to see this discussed by others as I believe it’s one of the financial timebombs waiting to catch people who are unaware [...]

Social Security going Paperless?

The time has come. And the cost savings should at least help a bit. While the numbers are staggering, a dollar or so per month saved for each and every beneficiary is still not just chump change.

A Superbowl Roundup

Today is Superbowl Sunday, which I suppose means little outside the US, but it’s especially exciting for those in the Northeast as the N.Y. Giants (who play in New Jersey) meet the New England Patriots, a rematch of the 2008 teams. As someone who grew up in NY, I’m a bit torn between rooting for [...]

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