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Are We Close to the Age of Solar?

When we look at where we were just a decade ago, Solar Power has come a long way. The little solar voltaic cells were enough to power a calculator, and I thought of it as saving me $5 every year or two for as long as owned it. In hindsight, it was less about the [...]

A Back to School Roundup

Let’s start this week with a guest post at Out Of Your Rut. Written by Rob Bennett, This Is the Best Time in History to Be a Stock Investor is an excellent look at P/E10 (price to earnings , but using an average of the prior 10 years earnings) and why Rob concludes we are [...]

Lights Out For Nuclear?

The recent tragic situation in Japan may make us rethink just how safe nuclear is. Is the risk really worth it?

POTUS’ Peter Pan Complex?

I know this political cartoon is meant as satire, but I think the artist is misguided. Many inventions are created not with people encouraging each other, but by people who believe they do something despite what others tell them. As I discussed some time back, in More Thoughts on Solar, nearly 6000 times the energy [...]

Shining Pigs

The allusions to pork in every bill congress votes on often makes me want to swear off bacon for good. I’m sure that Friday’s bailout was no different. 451 pages? That right or was I reading an article that tried to make reference to Farenheight 451? One bit of tastey pork that someone slipped into [...]

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