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United States vs S&P

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder brought forward a lawsuit against S&P this week. The same S&P whose name is licensed for its stock index is also a rating agency. In theory, they are supposed to produce a rating that reflects the risk of a given bond defaulting. In reality, they were complicit in promoting a [...]

Can’t Blame the Roadrunner

A wild week in the market, and this is how some traders must have felt……

A DVY update

In a post on April 21, “DVY – The iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index” (another of my eye-catching post titles), I offered that this ETF provided a nice dividend, 4.29% when I posted, a bit less after the recent rally. I suggested that for those who are investing for the long term, this ETF [...]


The word schadenfreude means “taking pleasure at someone else’s misfortune”. I was seeking the opposite of this word and found the word “mudita”, which is “happiness in another’s good fortune.” Which leads me to the topic of today’s post. Back in March, another blogger, whose blog is titled Unequivocal Notes said she was considering a [...]

What’s in Your 401(k)?

Loaded up on your company stock? I hope not. You see, one of the basic mistakes I see in many clients’ investment portfolios is the (too) large amount of their own company stock, especially in their 401(k) accounts. You might think that you’re close enough to the business that you will get out before the [...]

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