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5 Trends that Will Improve Your eShopping IQ

A guest post today from Andrea Woroch – Budgets, investing and other methods of personal finance are at the forefront this April in honor of National Financial Literacy Month. Smart spending is another essential part of financial literacy, yet many of us continue to make blunders in pursuit of things we want or need. Online [...]

Seeing the Light

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article Cash Hoarders QE3 Won’t Help, and sure enough, the Bernanke wasn’t listening, and has turned on the presses. The problem is not a lack of liquidity, it’s the lack of velocity, no one is spending.

5 Ways You Can Spend Money To Save Money

A Guest Post from Joe Pawlikowski – What’s the difference between someone who is cheap and someone who is frugal? A cheap person will scoff at any expenditure that seems unnecessary at the time and will spend considerable time and energy to save a few pennies. A frugal person will examine all available options, tally [...]

Cash, Credit, and Consumer Buying Decisions

A Guest Post from David Rodwell – It’s been demonstrated over and over again that businesses which accept credit cards bring in more revenue than businesses that don’t. While the underlying assumption here is that accepting credit cards brings in customers who wouldn’t otherwise patronize a given business, there is another factor at work here. [...]

Common Excuses People Give for Using Credit Cards When They Are Trying to Get Out of Debt

If you’re struggling with debt and trying to dig yourself out, you need to eliminate as much spending as possible so you can funnel extra funds toward debt repayment. That’s especially true when it comes to credit cards. When you charge a new purchase you don’t just pay the amount on the price tag. You’ll [...]

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