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A Complete Nonsense Roundup

Now and then it's time to point out things that are just nonsensical. Today's the day for a few. We start by recalling how the media and our president both used the word Rich when really what they meant was High Earners. No doubt, if a couple makes $400K a year, they are high earners, [...]

A Government Shutdown Roundup

Given the recent events in Washington, it's appropriate to start this week with Roger Wohlner's Some Stock Market Perspective amid the Government Shutdown. Roger talks about the long term, and how short term bits of news or craziness in Washington get lost in the noise when we look at decades of data. Check out his [...]

A Post Operative Roundup

We'll start this week with Pragmatic Capitalism's It’s 2000 & 2007 All Over Again. Has the market come too far too fast? We are just above 1500 on the S&P after 13 years since it was 1500 the first time. Is it time to worry another decline is coming? Investors’ Quandary: Get In Now? - [...]

401(k)s of the poor and homeless?

As we watch the financial news and celebrate the market's new highs*, let's not forget those for whom these numbers really have no meaning. The poor and not so poor who simply haven't saved. Nearly half of us have little to no savings at all. * I know, the S&P 1500 of today isn't the [...]

A Hot Summer Roundup

Let's start this week with a post from POTUS, in which he asks Who is fighting for middle class tax cuts? From what this calculator offers, families right up to the $400K level would fair worse under Romney's tax plan than Obama's, but once past $500K, it's Romney all the way. He we go, back [...]

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