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Frugal Friday Week 44

This is the accurate-pricing law of my state, your state may have a similar law – COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND BUSINESS REGULATION DIVISION OF STANDARDS IMPORTANT CONSUMER PRICING NOTICE PRICE ACCURACY GUARANTEE As required in 202 CMR 7.07 if there is a discrepancy between the advertised price, sticker price, scanner price, [...]

Frugal Friday Pt 5

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a piece by Andrew Tobias, in which he discusses the rate of return on tuna fish. In later retakes of the idea, he uses wine instead, a bit more elegant, I guess. Here’s the idea; when looking at sales, consider the return on your money when deciding how much to [...]

Frugal Friday Pt 4

One thing that may stand out for you as you continue to track expenses is how much you spend at the supermarket. In a 2005 survey, the third quintile (those whose incomes were higher than the lower 40%, but below the top 60%) had a net income of $41,557. Of this number, $5295 was spent [...]