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2016 Tax Rates Announced

The 2016 tax rates have just been announced by my friends at the IRS. My friends? Well, to be sure, they are not the enemy. The IRS enforces the tax code. You know who writes it? Congress. So whenever there’s a change in the code or something you don’t like, don’t look at the IRS, [...]

5 Incredibly Expensive Places to Be a Taxpayer

The following guest article is from the folk at CreditcardCompare.com.au. Every taxpayer, at some time or other, tends to feel that taxes are too high and long to live somewhere with lower taxes. For residents of five countries, in particular, that feeling is justified. To understand this, it’s helpful to look at the five countries [...]

Writing for American Express Currency

A few weeks back I was invited to join a number of bloggers who would be writing for a new web site Currency, by American Express. I was very happy to be part of such a group as I was familiar with many of the others who would be writing. I have to say, I [...]

Marginal Tax Rates Explained

One financial term often used, but not always understood, is ‘Marginal Tax Rate’ or Marginal Rate for short. It’s used so often that financial writers take its meaning for granted. Today, in a guest post at Bible Money Matters, I offer What Is A Marginal Tax Rate, And How Can You Use It To Save? [...]

2009 Tax Rates and other Tidbits

A few thoughts as the year comes to a close: Fairmark has updated to reflect the 2009 rates, and it’s worth a look. Quite a few updates to note, personal exemption and standard deduction have both gone up, as expected, creating an $18,700 “zero bracket” amount. If you retire today with no other taxable income [...]

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