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How to Make Money with Your Tax Refund

The folk at Your Local Security (the website for the ADT company, for sake of full disclosure) have shared this article and infographic with the PF Blogging community. Every year we all have to pay taxes, and most of us get a nice juicy refund (especially those of us with kids!). Yet how many of [...]

About that Tax Refund

And, another guest post at the TurboTax Blog, this time asking the question, “How are you going to spend that tax refund?”The IRS tells us that last year’s average refund was just shy of $3000, so I offer a number of ways you might choose to spend this money, with choices from both the “naughty” [...]

Some Obamanomics

In this past weekend’s radio address, President Obama talked about new initiatives for retirement savings. Allow me to summarize, and then offer my comments; Allow small businesses to automatically enroll workers in 401(k) plans. Offer an option to receive your tax refund as a saving bond. Allow employees to put payments for unused sick or [...]

A Double Dip for 2008 Taxes

Home owners who do not have enough deductions to itemize may take up to $500 if single, $1000 if married filing joint, as a deduction on their taxes for the 2008 return. Not a huge break, but the couple in the 25% bracket who can’t itemize will see a $250 larger tax refund (or smaller [...]