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2015 Year End Tax Tips

The end (of 2015) is near. Still, you can do a lot to help your finances before the ball drops on Thursday and we ring in the new year. Let’s look at some of my top year end tips – The Charitable RMD is now an option that will be available every year. This part of [...]

2015 Tax Rates Announced

The 2015 tax rates have just been announced by my friends at the IRS. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how taxes work, more or less. The tables aren’t the actual tax you pay on gross income, but on taxable income which is gross less a number of items, including [...]

2015 Retirement Plan Limits

This year has flown by and as we approach year end, the IRS shares the numbers that will impact your 2015 retirement savings limits. 2013 inflation was low enough that we saw no increase in ’14. 2015, however, sees a bit of a bump, so let me share these numbers. Employee contributions to 401(k), 403(b), [...]

The Internet Sales Tax

This week congress passed legislation requiring on-line stores to collect sales tax  based on the buyer’s state of residence. This really isn’t a new tax, when you buy an item from an out of state vendor, you are required to pay your state sales tax when you file your tax return. It seems no one [...]

The Dumbest Tax Mistakes to Avoid This April

A pre-taxday guest post from Home Daddys’ Mike Freidberg – Save yourself time and money April is upon us, and as usual, a majority of Americans are scrambling to get their taxes figured out so they can file on time. As we near the big day, here are 10 of the most common mistakes made [...]

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