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The Tax Jungle

The tax code has gotten out of control, more than 70,000 pages. Some like to say that it’s ten time the size of the Bible, although I tend to stay away from religion, and prefer to compare large books to War and Peace. My latest guest post at Turbo Tax might help you with a [...]

Mom – You don’t itemize!

Note – this ‘letter’ is to my mother-in-law, whom I sometimes just call ‘mom,’ even though she’s fine with my using her first name. She’s a widow, and in her 80’s. Dear Mom, It’s no burden for me to do your taxes, in fact, I enjoy the process. After you and dad (who passed away [...]

The 15% solution

I recently read a question from a fellow blogger Briana, who posts at How’s Married Life asking how much she should save to her retirement account each year. As I saw comments come in, for me the larger question wasn’t how much, but simply ‘how.’ Should she save pretax, or post? In the big picture, [...]

5 Essential Steps to Prepare for Tax Season

Take simple steps to reduce your stress on the big day. Meeting with professionals or doing taxes yourself can prove stressful, as it’s often required to have numerous documents, legal forms, bank account information, tax IDs, and more, all at your fingertips. Here are some tips from professionals that can help you make this tax [...]

Reporting Tips on your Tax Return

A few weeks back, a story made the news about a Pastor who received a bill at an Applebee’s that included an 18% tip as the Pastor was part of a group of 20 people. Keep in mind, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 50 years, it’s common to see [...]

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