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A Post Nemo Roundup

We’ll start this week with Hank Coleman’s article at Money Q&A, Ten Ways To Break Your Texting While Driving Habit. Not strictly a finance discussion, Hank’s public service announce may save you from an untimely death. As much as I like to offer advice on will, trusts, and estate planning, I think avoiding death is [...]

A Superbowl XLVII Roundup

First, it’s not the same when the home team, in my case, the Patriots, aren’t in the game. I don’t have any emotional interest in the outcome, but still, I watch. Not for the football, but for the commercials. 1984. It was the Washington Redskins and the LA Raiders. I’ll admit, I didn’t remember this, [...]

A Luxating Patella Roundup

Let’s start this week with The Embarrassment of Having a Check Denied at the County Clerk’s Office. Kevin at No Debt Plan shared some details that may have been embarrassing, but also should serve as a great lesson to the rest of us. Read the whole article and think twice before you turn up in [...]

A 2013 Fiscal Cliff Round Up

Another year has begun, and it’s time for a roundup, both to look at my fellow PF blogger’s thoughts on the the fiscal cliff that was just averted. Let’s get to it. At Consumerism Commentary, Luke Landes (Flexo) wrote Fiscal Cliff Bill Passes: American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 8), an excellent summary and [...]

Over The Cliff and Back Again

First, a Happy New Year to my readers. 2012 is behind us and so is the talk of the fiscal cliff. Our elected officials knew we had a problem months ago, but like children with a book report due to their teacher, this issue was literally left for the 12th hour to solve. Perhaps even [...]

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