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Finance Tips for the Self-Employed

About 57 percent of U.S. citizens have health insurance through their employer and 29 percent get health insurance through a government plan, such as the military, Medicare or Medicaid. That leaves 14% of Americans without health insurance because they feel they can’t afford it, or are self-employed and can’t find individual health insurance plans. Some of [...]

The Kiddie Tax

If you have no kids and don’t plan to, this may not be the riveting reading you expected today. Sorry. Today, we’re talking Kiddie Tax. I was this close (holding thumb and index finger very close) to titling today article “Hello Kiddie Tax” but readers advised than puns are the lowest form of humor and [...]

7 Ways To Avoid A Huge Tax Burden As An Internet Marketer (Pt 2)

If you missed the first part of this article check it out first. Otherwise it’s like walking in to the middle of a great movie. #4 Consider An HSA Plan Another way to cut down you tax burden is to look into setting up a Health Savings Account, also known as an HSA Plan.  An [...]

7 Ways To Avoid A Huge Tax Burden As An Internet Marketer (Pt 1)

Have you done your taxes yet?  For most people this can be exciting thing to get a large sum of money back from the government for simply overpaying on your taxes, but for a business owner such as myself it can be the complete opposite. In fact in my case I am facing a $5000 [...]

5 Incredibly Expensive Places to Be a Taxpayer

The following guest article is from the folk at CreditcardCompare.com.au. Every taxpayer, at some time or other, tends to feel that taxes are too high and long to live somewhere with lower taxes. For residents of five countries, in particular, that feeling is justified. To understand this, it’s helpful to look at the five countries [...]

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