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A Post Operative Roundup

We’ll start this week with Pragmatic Capitalism’s It’s 2000 & 2007 All Over Again. Has the market come too far too fast? We are just above 1500 on the S&P after 13 years since it was 1500 the first time. Is it time to worry another decline is coming? Investors’ Quandary: Get In Now? – [...]

Joe’s List of Lists

In a simulcast of publishing both here, and my main web page, where I publish a monthly article, I am happy to offer my List of Lists; Ever since 1977’s “Book of Lists“, our fascination with lists and sets of rules has grown. David Letterman’s Top Ten List has been going on for decades with [...]

Bodie on TIPS

Some time back, I wrote a book review on my main site for Zvi Bodie’s “Worry Free Investing”. I’ve recently been drawn into an online conversation asking about this author’s strategy of investing all of one’s portfolio in TIPS (Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities). When Professor Bodie wrote his book, TIPS had a real rate of 3% [...]