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China’s Economy

More and more we are hearing a call for China to allow their currency to float, that it’s undervalued. But if their currency rose, wouldn’t the Dollar fall? Aren’t we concerned about a falling dollar more than another country’s currency being too low? Not quite my area of expertise, yet. Joe

Cap and Trade

Yet another term being thrown around the business news is Cap and Trade. What does this mean? The Cap is the limit that large companies will have on the amount of greenhouse gas they can emit. The Trade is that since some companies can reduce their emissions more cheaply than others, a market will be [...]

There’s no winning

Dollar Value vs Foreign Currencies Trade Surplus / Deficit Interest Rates Tax Rates Unemployment Rate Inflation Did I miss anything? I don’t know if there’s a ‘general happiness’ index available, but if there were, I’d add it to the list. What is this list? It’s the data we follow and hear comments in the business [...]