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Still Have a Trust?

A few weeks ago, I talked about the end of estate planning. It might have been a bit of an over-reaction to the news that the estate exemption was made a permanent, inflation-adjusted figure of $5.25M for 2013. Perhaps I was jumping to conclusions as there are a number of reasons one may want a [...]

A Bubblicious Roundup

The first article I'd like to share with you this week lent its sentiment to this week's roundup title. 5 Financial Bubbles: Are We Facing a Bubble of Bubbles? This was a guest post on the Balance Junkie site, and it's an interesting read. There may be not just one or two markets that are [...]

More on Estate Planning

Last week, in my New Year Goals post, I mentioned how in '10 I wanted to get more exposure by guest posting among other approaches. I'm proud to tell you that I was invited to be a regular guest poster on the TurboTax blog, and my first guest post Estate Planning 101 was published this [...]

Going to the Dogs

I recently read that Leona Helmsley bequeathed $8 billion to a charitable trust dedicated to "the care and welfare of dogs." I have nothing against dogs, or other pets, for that matter. When I read stories of people spending large sums of money on their pets, I think it's their money, to spend as they [...]

On my Death, Please, Take a Breath

I recently became aware of a situation that was pretty upsetting, even though it happened to someone I don't know and never met. A friend of a friend passed away and left her brother a sum of money in a trust. The brother, disabled, and not working, panicked, and took the money out. Now, when [...]