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The Other “Underwater”

Unemployment for those 16-24 is still running 16%. This includes new college graduates. While the graduates rate is certainly lower than this average, the number of jobs available is not keeping up with demand, yet the cost of college hasn’t fallen, and these graduates are saddled with debt.  

Santa’s List 2011

Friday’s numbers for unemployment, a drop from 9% to 8.6%, may have seemed good news, but it reflects a decrease in the labor force, over 300,000 people dropping out. Did the recession really end in June 2009?

Obama’s Rabbit

That’s what the President’s Job’s Plan is looking like, trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Apologies to Bullwinkle Moose.

All Jobs Are Temporary

New claims for unemployment fell this past week, but the nature of these jobs goes unreported. Too many are grabbing work where they can, but at reduced incomes, and in many cases, part time work. Joe

Out Of a Job This Year?

Sorry to hear that. My guest post Unemployed This Year? at the TurboTax Blog has some excellent detail on collecting benefits and some additional tax planning you can do to make the best of an otherwise tough time. Please have a read and let my friends at TurboTax know that Joe sent you. Disclaimer – [...]

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