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Credit Card Reform

President Obama signed the Credit Card Reform act (officially called the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009) last week and I’d like to offer my thoughts. First, let’s review the rules that will be put into place under this legislation: Institutions would be prohibited from treating a payment as late unless [...]

Future Gas Pains

As I passed a few gas stations this week and saw $1.89 regular, less than half the cost just a couple months back, and after the initial sense of relief that a tank will less than $30 and not nearly $60, I can’t help but wonder of the longer term impact of this dramatic fall [...]

Unintended Consequences IV

Last week, I read a story on SmartMoney.com stating that American Airlines was planning to charge $15 per checked bag. Here’s my response, also posted on the SmartMoney web site; Have they really thought this through? This change in policy will have an ‘unintended consequence’ that will quickly become apparent. As a frequent flier on [...]

Food on the Rise

I’m starting to see more articles supporting my fears regarding the conflict between BioFuel and BioFood. The tragic unintended consequences of corn based ethanol is that the cost of food, starting with the grains, corn, wheat, and rice, has increased dramatically over the past year. Here is a chart from the World Bank illustrating this [...]

Unintended Consequences III

In September and October, I talked about unintended consequences. I can’t help but ponder the concept, and will continue to post those that strike me as more than a passing thought. We, as a country, are trying to get away from the stranglehold the oil producing nations seem to have over us. The current $3/gallon [...]

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