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Frugal Yet Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

A Guest Post from Andrea Woroch - Though every year consumers blow billions of dollars on Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit and empty your bank account just to show that special someone you care. On the other hand, showing up empty-handed in the name of frugality isn't a smart move, [...]

A SuperBowl Sunday Roundup

First, the Patriots were out. Ok, I'm from New York, I can cheer for the Jets, I'd gone to a few games as a kid, my uncle had season tickets. Nope, out as well. So I'll be watching today for the commercials, and partying with friends. But, still, it's Sunday, and time to look back [...]

A Valentine’s Outsourcing Sunday Roundup

There are times that I come across multiple blogger posts on similar topics. When it's about debt, mortgages, retirement, etc, it doesn't really get my attention but every so often there's a topic that's not so common that still comes in a cluster of posts. This week, it was, you guessed it, outsourcing. Wojciech of [...]