Aug 10

My second year writing for the TurboTax Blog has finished, and I’m happy to say they have signed me on to begin a third. I’ll be taking a summer/fall three month vacation from the guest posting and back in November with another look at some great tax related topics.

My last two posts were published just over a week ago, and are good reading.

First, a look at Tax Withholdings and Your W-4. If in April you got (or owed) more than $1000, this article will help you understand how to adjust the money withheld each paycheck. I know a big refund feels good, but it also means you lent Uncle Sam money interest free.

And my last post of the season, The IRS Increases Standard Mileage Rates to 55.5 Cents Per Mile. In a rare mid-year move, the IRS updates the standard rates for those who take a tax write-off for miles driven, whether for business, medical, moving, or charity. Check out the full article and let my friends and TurboTax know Joe sent you!

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Jun 11

OMG! You graduated college. Congratulations! Last year I posted some advice that I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger at a commencement address he gave at USC.

This year, if you weren’t fortunate enough to have such a high profile speaker at your graduation, I’d like to step up and give you some advice of my own, guest posted at the TurboTax Blog, and titled New Grads: Four Tax Tips to Memorize Before Your New Job Starts.

Graduates of 2010, I wish you well.


(FTC disclaimer – This is where I’m supposed to tell readers if I was paid or compensated with anything of value for the reference to TurboTax. Nope. I actually do this for the sheer joy of helping people and sharing what i know. Although, a nice sweatshirt would be appreciated, x-large. Does the FTC give out t-shirts? You can send me one too)

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Jul 07

If this past April 15, you found yourself on the receiving side, getting a refund on your taxes, consider adjusting your withholdings. The IRS web site has an online calculator which will help you determine the correct number of exemptions to claim on your W4 submitted to your employer. If you were using your tax withholdings as a vacation fund, why not consider having a fixed amount saved from each paycheck and moved to a savings account? At least if you need these funds during the year, they will be available. Otherwise you are lending Uncle Sam money and not getting any interest.


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