Dec 25

It’s A Wonderful Life remains one of the best loved holiday films, and since its story line revolves around a potential bank failure, it’s also a top money-themed movie. So, with apologies to Burt and Ernie (the policeman and cabdriver in the film)  this week’s cartoon is a wink and nod to this classic.

I wish my readers a Merry Christmas, a safe and healthy holiday to all.


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Jul 24

It’s more than just the oil leak that needs capping. Will the financial reform bill do it? Or is it just a band-aid?

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Apr 15

This is the title of an article in Wired Magazine. Not a typical place to look for financial articles, but it came to my attention and I found it an interesting read. Turns out this is the formula (actually the proper word is “equation”):


While the explanation of this equation is beyond the scope of this blog, a read of the full Wired article makes one thing clear, the failure of the market had to have an origin, and to me, it started with the rating agencies basing their ratings on historical data. They had no ability to understand that subprime loan were being given to anyone with a pulse and the ability to write their name. Securitization itself was not to blame, but it certainly got a black eye in the process. The public radio program Marketplace offers an interview discussing this same topic in an article titled “Did math formula cause financial crisis“?

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Mar 28

When Wall Street and Basketball Colide

marchmadnessEnjoy the weekend,


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