Sep 26

We start this week with the ongoing coverage Kay Bell has been providing regarding the expiring tax cuts. One of her posts this week was Effect of expiring tax cuts on the rich. As you may know, if congress doesn’t act, the Bush tax cuts expire as this year ends. The expiration will impact all of us.

Craig Ford alerted us to the ING Direct 1% Cash Back Debit Card Promotion. Not bad for a debit card. He also shared a quote from a reader who unsubscribed “YOU ARE BORING AS MUD DRYNG !!!,,,,DUDE!” Wow. That tells me more about the reader than about my fellow blogger. Me, I once asked my wife if she read me now and then. She answered, “Read you? I never have a clue what you’re writing about.” Hmm, not exactly true, I know I get dry and technical sometimes, hopefully not too often.

Neal Frankle asks Rollover to Roth 401k. A Good Idea? I was afraid this would be more Roth Mania, but not from Neal. He offers a level headed approach to this topic much in line with my own.

This week, The Oblivious Investor discussed Deducting an IRA Loss (Roth or Traditional). Turns out you already deducted (most likely) the deposits to a traditional IRA, so any loss there cannot be deducted. For an IRA that wasn’t pretax or a Roth, there are some details that need to be considered. All in all, this won’t apply to too many people but info that’s good to know.

Next, Len Penzo shares 21 Reasons Why Corner Lots Are For Suckers. I’ve not given this any thought in, well, forever, as I moved out of the city after I graduated college, and lived in the ‘burbs ever since. But for you city folk, this is actually a well thought out list of reasons to avoid corner lots when buying a house.

And last this week, I’d like to share Canadian Finance Blog’s Dying Without A Will. Good to know that Canadian laws regarding wills is pretty similar to the US. The list is very similar to one I’d write for my local readers. A nice guest post on CFB by Jim Yih.

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Jan 11

Last week, in my New Year Goals post, I mentioned how in ’10 I wanted to get more exposure by guest posting among other approaches. I’m proud to tell you that I was invited to be a regular guest poster on the TurboTax blog, and my first guest post Estate Planning 101 was published this past Saturday. It offers an overview of three sub-categories, Will, Designated Beneficiaries, and Trusts. A good read to help you understand this process and give you the first steps to get your own plan in order.


I look forward to being a regular there as it seems a comfortable fit. Taxes play a major role in our finances, and by coincidence, it was TurboTax (then MacIntax) that I chose to use when I first filed my own return in 1985. I’ll continue to post a note here to let my readers know of any guest posts I author, as I hope you’ll read and comment.


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