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The Next Next iPad?

This week, Apple introduced the next generation iPad. It added some incremental features including Retina Display (this references the fact that your eye can only distinguish a certain pixel density, any higher densities are unnoticed) as well as LTE connectivity. Unfortunately, no Siri on iPad just yet. A perhaps minor twist to this story, is Apple did not number this iPad 3 or even name it iPad HD. So, if you are buying any iPad on the internet be sure you know your you’re buying. Is an electronic implant in out future? Tough to say. I can imagine some intelligent glass lenses that have built in augmented reality, along with face recognition. Imagine meeting someone for the second time and never worrying about remembering their name.  You look their way and the name pops up in front of your eyes along with any other key details. I’d like a pair of those glasses.

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