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Theory vs Reality

Every time I hear someone use the word “theory,” I’m reminded of this joke:

A family is sitting around the dinner table and the father asks the son how school is going, what’s the latest that he’s learned. The son starts talking about a philosophy course and the current topic is “theory versus reality.” The father says “Son, I know we’re spending a lot of money for college, but I have to tell you, I can explain the difference between theory and reality in just 2 minutes.”

He turns to his wife and asks,”Honey, would you sleep with a stranger for one million dollars?” The wife thinks for a minute and starts rationalizing, “For a million dollars, we can pay off the house, save for retirement, take that trip to Paris we always wanted to take. I think I would.” He then asks his daughter the same question. “Well, daddy, for a million dollars, I can pay for my college, and start a business after I graduate, I think I would.”

The father looks at his son, and says, “If you haven’t figured it out yet, in theory we’ll sitting on two million dollars. In reality, we live with a couple sluts.”

It’s a bit off-color I suppose, but it sure does make the point.


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