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This Week in the PF Blogosphere

When Baker’s not writing outstanding posts, he attracts others to guest post them on his site. 25 Essentials That Are Better and Cheaper to Make at Home written by Miranda Marquit makes my list of good reading. The combination of the list format, the frugal ideas, and the further links, one of which send us to homemade candies, makes this a post I’ll refer to quite a few more times, I’m sure.

Jim at Bargaineering plays devil’s advocate and suggests that Your Home is Not an Investment. Another interesting spin on this topic, and one I’ll likely work on to offer my own view later this week. Do you treat your home as an investment? Do you even include it when thinking about your net worth?

The Financial Buff offers his latest Little Book review (to be clear, these are the books whose titles start The Little Book, the reviews themselves are comprehensive) on The Little Book That Builds Wealth. FB’s reviews on more than a dozen books on personal finance give a great glimpse into the book’s specific topics and let you decide whether you wish to read for yourself.

Rent vs Mortgage: Calculating Tangible and Intangible Costs by Frugal Dad reviews the cost of owning with an eye towards all the costs that renters don’t face. I agree with FD that the decision (to buy) is very personal and that one must consider all aspects very carefully.

Everyday Finance’s post Why Credit Card Companies are Evil: Because they Can Be (note: this blog is no longer) caught my eye, for the title, and for the fact that I’ve felt this way myself for some time.

Last, Pants in a Can talks about how he’s a Confident Consumer with Low Risk Tolerance. He finds himself with friends all considering some sizable homes with mortgages to match. Well, PIAC, confidence doesn’t mean wreckless. You may be one of the many confident conservatives, financially, anyway.

Back next week with more good reading to share.

  • Alan August 24, 2009, 6:44 am

    Your article on this blog is fantastic.
    Well done! I’m a big fan of your blog and be sure to keep up the great work.
    I plan on returning and linking to your site.
    Alan H.

  • Augustine August 24, 2009, 11:38 am

    I just find it amazing that people approach loan sharks and then complain that they behave like loan sharks…

    The author may call this a behavioral problem, but that’s jut Newspeak for immoral behavior: living beyond one’s means and giving more priority to material things than to the well being of one’s family.

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