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"Personal Finance for Dummies"
Written by Eric Tyson, this offering from the "Dummies series" is worthwhile reading for anyone just getting started, or who wishes a broad overview of many financial topics.
I found a number of topics treated pretty well in the limited space offered. For example, on retiring, the author gives example on different replacement income requirements ranging from 65-85% of one's pre-retirement income. Ironically, you need less money at retirement if you were a large saver (15% or more) if only for the fact that due to saving so much you lived on less income much of your life. Other topics are treated in a similar way, providing different scenarios for different people. Investing isn't black and white and I find this to be a good take on these issues.
Mr Tyson goes into some details about "investment gurus", taking some person shots at Suze Orman, Elaine Garzarelli, and Jim Cramer, among others. I find his comment here to be wasted space, pages he could have used to expand on some topics where he didn't go deep enough. Elsewhere in this site, where I comment on other authors, I present their advice and where I disagree, I explain why. Mr. Tyson's reference to these people is scattered throughout the book and are somewhat random ad hominem attacks.
Given the very broad range of topics, covered in 22 chapters, there are some which deserved more discussion. Annuities (of any kind) aren't given much more that half a page. IRAs are mentioned, but the Roth, only a paragraph.

In the end, it's tough to get though the entire book without picking up a good number of new ideas and learning quite a bit. And for those topics just touched upon, it shouldn't be too tough to fill in the gaps through further reading, whether it be other books, magazines, or internet.