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Veterans’ Day 2013

It’s Veterans Day. In contrast to Memorial Day, when we remember those who were killed while serving in the armed forces, I feel that today is even more important, a time to show our gratitude to those who served and are still with us. Too many return and find themselves jobless and even worse, homeless. It’s awful for homelessness to be any issue in this country, but doubly so when we’re talking about those who risked their lives for the rest of us. One of the charities I list below to the right is the Center For Homeless Veterans. They are in Boston, and do a great job, not just giving a handout, but training Vets to find work and live independently. Consider donating to them or a Vets shelter closer to you.


This is the iconic Raising the flag at Iwo Jima. It became a symbol of the end of World War II.

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