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When @Rosie Retweeted

There’s a certain excitement when a celebrity or anyone you really admire responds to a tweet of yours. That sentiment may seem strange coming from a 50+ year old vs a teen ager, but I think that feeling of looking that actor, rock star, author in the eye and sharing a thought with them has shifted from the real world to the online one.

Now. Rosie O’Donnell. She grew up in New York, and is my age. So I caught her as a rising star as she gained popularity in the world of comedy. There are a lot of comedians out there, some better than others. But, when I say that Rosie is far and above, the one with the biggest heart, I don’t exaggerate. Let me repeat that. Biggest. Heart. Ever. From a Huffington Post article, “By 2005, she had already contributed well over $60,000,000 to charities focused on the health and well being of children.” It’s 12 years later, and I’m trying to find a current total, but even if we stop on the number, it’s insane. $60 million dollars.

I’ll be honest here. I liked her standup. My New York roots gave me a special love for stand up comedy, and the thrill of seeing a comedian on TV that you remember seeing on a small stage in the city, just getting started. When Rosie moved on to The View, I was working, and didn’t see her too much.

She hit my radar again when Trump, during a debate, answered a question about calling women pigs, with the line, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” He went for the laugh, I suppose. It wasn’t funny then, and it’s not funny now. Here’s what is funny. Rosie has earned one name, and it’s not ‘pig,’ it’s ‘Philanthropist’.” Trump doesn’t release his tax returns, so we don’t know how much he donates, but from all the detective work the media have done, we know it’s close to zero.

Yesterday, in my admittedly juvenile attempt to get a retweet from Rosie, I tweeted the image to the left. We’ve heard about the wall. The $25B price tag. There’s so much wrong with this whole scenario, there’s no good place to start. The proposed government budget has a defunding of Meals on Wheels, a charity that helps to feed those in need. Yet, it’s pushing to build a wall that will be a symbol, and nothing more. Expensive, and ineffective, as I tweeted, the technology exists to defeat it. It’s called a ladder. Rosie has been pretty vocal on twitter about her distain for Trump and she liked this one, a retweet soon followed. Thanks, Rosie! Keep up all of your good work!

  • Young Finance Guy April 14, 2017, 6:28 am

    Both the ladder advertisement and the successful retweet solicitation from celebrity Rosie.

    I think what I like best about the ladder joke is that it is really no joke at all. I can attest to the functionality of this cutting edge technology. It really works! It’s not the only solution either. There is a cruder and more expensive tech solution. It’s called the “rope”.

    This is def my favorite blog post since 2017. Thanks for the post and all the painstaking hours of research, investigation, and relentless brainstorming putting together this piece must have taken.

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