Oct 03

Between the market, and lack of sleep due to JaneTaxpayer 2.0 getting her braces and being uncomfortable, it’s been quite a week. The highlight of this week was being invited to offer a guest post at the Fraud Files blog on some of the math behind my pet peeve, the Money Merge Account. I received one of the kindest complements there I could hope for, “Joe is possibly the most active and effective person warning the public about the Money Merge Account. His points are well-written and in a calm tone, and completely bulletproof.” This makes writing worthwhile for me.

But I digress. We seem to back to the vote on the bailout package that may pass later today, but meanwhile I found yet another primer on the origin of the mess we are in which I will add to my Subprime Meltdown links, titled “Great Depression 2.0: Tracing the Meltdown“. A good, brief, clear, explanation.


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2 Responses to “A Depressing Week”

  1. Tracy Coenen Says:


    Your post was fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with my readers!


  2. Augustine Says:

    Depressing indeed! I, my children and grandchildren have just been robbed of our wealth and of our freedom by a government that grows more corrupt and self-serving as it gets bigger.

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