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A Luxating Patella Roundup

Let’s start this week with The Embarrassment of Having a Check Denied at the County Clerk’s Office. Kevin at No Debt Plan shared some details that may have been embarrassing, but also should serve as a great lesson to the rest of us. Read the whole article and think twice before you turn up in person with a check.

At Lazy Man and Money, a guest author gave us Easy Things You Can Do to Save You Money. Just shy of a ‘Top Ten’ list, Sara Masterson offered some nice ways to find some extra money at the end of each month.


Len Penzo explains Why a Million Apples a Day Couldn’t Keep the Sellers Away. As part of Len’s view of the world he posts weekly, Len discusses politics, the economy, and more. This week he offered some numbers regarding Apple, such as they sell 1 million products per day. Looks like they are oversold right now, and I’ll bet they’ll be back to record territory by the end of this year.

I’m pretty good keeping up with financial news. New tax code? I often know the details within a few hours of the details breaking. Which is why it’s great to find a gem of information I was unaware of. At 20 Something Finance, GE Miller explained the New Federal “Pay As You Earn” Student Loan Repayment Plan Now Available. It’s just like it sounds, a plan that lets workers pay off their loan at a rate based on a percent of their income. Glad to see this option has become available.

We’ll close this week with 4 Things You Should Know about Filing Your Taxes in 2013. I’ll admit it – I only went 3 for 4, so I’m glad I read Miranda’s article.

Now, about that Luxating Pattela. My little friend’s knee has been dislocating and causing him some discomfort. Yes, that’s a tail you see in his X-ray, it’s my 1 year old puppy. The first time this happened was a few weeks back, scared the heck out of me, he screamed and held his leg off the ground. Fortunately, I figured out what was going on and was able to pop it back in, but the issue is recurring and the Orthopedic vet advised surgery was indicated.  It’s not going to be cheap, but fortunately, we have insurance that should cover this with a 10% copay. His surgery is tomorrow.

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