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A March Madness Roundup

First this week, Earn More By Upgrading Your Resume, a guest post at Canadian Finance Blog. Some great advice that may help you land a new job.

Next at Canadian Personal Finance Blog (different site than above) we’re treated to a personal story “I found $1000 this weekend.” An interesting story that just shows you, you need to pay attention to your finances, it really is pretty easy to accidentally lose chunks of money you may not find.

Next, at Resume Mag, we have not just ten or even twenty, but 79 Sample Job Interview Questions.You don’t want to come off as too practiced for a job interview, but it can’t hurt to do your homework and be really for anything the interviewer throws at you.

At GenX Finance, Jeremy explains This is Why You Can’t Make Money in the Stock Market.To be fair, it’s more about why most don’t not why you and I can’t. Either way, worth reading.

Mike Winesburg tells us The Top 5 Drawbacks of Variable Annuities. I am pretty negative on VAs, so I was surprised Mike stopped at five, then I realized, this was just the top five. Fair enough.

To wrap up this week, What The Big Short teaches the little guy is a nice review of the Michael Lewis book, offered as a list of the lessons we investors should take away from the history of the financial collapse.

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