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A United State of Unemployment?

In January, the unemployment rate was 8.5%. Of course, that number itself is debated as people who are no longer collecting unemployment benefits and have given up are no longer counted. Nor are underemployed who work part time or beneath their skills. I’d like to offer here another beautiful New York Times graphic which shows us the disparity depending on the part of the country in which you live.


Click on the image above and you have the choices to zero in on different areas to see the exact data. It’s shocking to see the areas hardest hit, counties with rates pushing 20%. On the other hand, today’s jobless claims data indicated a June bottom in the recession. I’m a skeptic until I see confirming data.

  • cornyman May 2, 2009, 4:22 am

    Hello Joe,

    i think as we all know the data gets manipulated. That means after 12 months the old jobless are dropped out of the statistics. In this case we just have to look in which month did we have a huge increase of jobless person and then we can see if the same number will be possible “next year”.

    In your case it means the “experts” are looking at the number from may/june 2008 and tell us now that in June there will be less persons jobless than last year or more persons dropped out of this statistic 😉

    Good luck, keep up the good work!
    cornyman, who drops EntreCards 😉

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