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All you can watch movies?

I recently heard about an all-you-can-watch movie deal. Movie Pass was going to have a beta run in San Francisco and for $50, you could see all the movies you wanted to.

Forget for a moment that it seems they didn’t get the agreement in place with the local theaters and now postponed the launch. I’m wondering, to whom does this appeal? $50 is the cost for 5 movies. So for this to feel like a good deal you’s have to see 6. I understand there are people with more free time than I have, the question for me is this – Are there 6 good movies coming out each month that are worth seeing? My Netflix queue currently has 14 movies in it, but they include movies that aren’t released in theaters yet. And my criteria for a DVD is far lower than for a visit to the theater. I watch the Netflix movies while on the treadmill. A two hour movie is a great way to pass the time it takes to jog about 11 miles. By the way, the Netflix average for me is 7 per month for a $10/mo fee. Even though it’s not 7 movies, they also have TV shows that hit the DVDs, and it’s a good way to watch a recommended series I may have missed when it first aired. Yes, it’s mindless. I’m not able to concentrate enough to listen to books on tape while running. My 20 mile per week goal takes a bit over 4 hours per week in front of the TV. But I digress….

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