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Another Great Week Reading My Fellow PF Bloggers

Pinyo at Moolanomy (where I also frequent the Answers section) published What Is Your Credit Card Philosophy? where he discussed the different aspects of credit card that you should pay attention to, and his philosophy on cards which pretty much mirrors my own.

Johnathan Mead who is the person behind Illuminated Mind offers his readers an eBook, The Zero Hour Workweek, a path to “liberating yourself from the 9-5 job.” Sounds good to me. John has an excellent writing style and even if you can’t (well, perhaps especially if you can’t) imagine leaving a 9-5 job, this eBook may open your mind to your potential to do just that. I’m planning to post a few mnonths from now to discuss the changes I’m making in my own life to walk the path John suggests is possible.

Redeeming Riches gets to basics with The ONE Thing You Must Do to Reach Your Financial Goals. This post reminded me a bit of my favorite Dickens’ quote “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. A nice piece expanding on this thought.

Trent offers the Five Ways I Disagree With Dave Ramsey, and I agree with all of his points. On the other hand, Dave has attracted an audience that’s in such bad shape, that they are better off for following him. I don’t dispute that. While visiting The Simple Dollar, don’t miss “Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page!” (spoiler – it’s actually 49 pages. One cover page with everything, and then some great discussion.

Looking to simply your life? Read Baker’s 42 Ways To Radically Simplify Your Financial Life. Baker shares his experiences on his Man vs. Debt web site, and recently packed up and moved to the other side of the world. Literally. He first went to Australia, and is now in New Zealand with his wife and daughter. All their possessions fit into their suitcases, he knows about simplifying.

Dumb Little Man appears anything but, with his post this week, Seven Things You Never Need to Pay Full Price For. I had my own item to add to his list, take a peek, and see what ideas you can get.

Jeff Rose, inspired by a comment I made on his blog for an earlier post, wrote 2010 Traditional IRA to Roth IRA Conversion Tax Rules. An excellent discussion with an example of the logistics in the Roth conversion. I appreciate the shout out to me thanking me for the inspiration. Some topics are tough to explain to those who are not in the business of finance day to day, and the more I read Jeff’s writing, I can see his skill at reaching out to those that need more knowledge on some very confusing topics. Good work, my friend.

Wow, seven fellow bloggers’ posts to share with you today, a new record. Nothing sacred about the five I’ve been offering, and this week as I got down to these final seven, I didn’t want to toss any aside. On two more personal notes, my fellow blogger (and blog consultant) Mrs Micah‘s dad had surgery this past week, and I’ll ask that you say a prayer for his continued recovery. The Big Guy will know who you’re talking about even if you mention the pseudonym. Frugal Dad‘s mom now has hospice care and doesn’t have long with us. Please ask The Big Guy to comfort Frugal Dad’s family during this tough time. My prayers and that of our fellow bloggers are with you.


  • Jason @ Redeeming Riches September 13, 2009, 8:09 am

    Thanks Joe for including me in your post again! I really appreciate it.

  • Pinyo September 13, 2009, 11:18 am

    Hi Joe, thank you for linking to my credit card philosophy article. I figure our philosophies are quite similar based on our interactions.

  • MoneyEnergy September 13, 2009, 7:37 pm

    Nice round up. I read Jonathan’s e-book right away, good stuff. Great to see that kind of motivation in action and be able to implement it yourself. Realized a few days later that the word “employment” literally implies that you’re being used (we know this logically, but it was one of those insight moments where you connect it together in a way you hadn’t before).

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