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A BOGO Fool Friday

First, you know that in the US, April first is called April Fools’ Day, and (mostly) kids play small pranks on each other. I’m always on the lookout to not fall for this should a friend or coworker try to have fun at my expense. So in today’s email it was interesting that I saw an ad from Borders:

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time. BOGO means “Buy One Get One,” and that’s how I note it on a shopping list when the supermarket has a sale of this kind. But here, when I clicked through the email, I saw this, Buy One, Get One at 50% off. Sorry, you do the math and realize you have to buy 2 books and the deal is really 25% off. But wait, there’s more. My daughter’s wish list has trade paperbacks that are usually $15 or so, but books I’d buy are typically $30. This deal benefit is only 25% if the books are both priced the same. In the end this deal is less attractive than a straight 25% off of one book, and if I’m going to buy 2, the online prices are going to be far less than that with free shipping.

A you a BOGO fool? You ever get to the register and realize you didn’t quite get the deal you expected?


  • Robert Muir April 1, 2011, 11:47 am

    No, that “scam” is very familiar with Borders. They usually have a coupon for at least 33% off one item (and sometimes 40%) that’s a much better deal. Especially since you can print off two coupons and either have a significant other use the other one or use them at two different times.

    Of course, since Borders and B&N are soon to be gone, these deals will go away.

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