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Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7

I am honored to present this week’s Carnival of top PF (Personal Finance) posts. If I may say, “Wow!” There were 50 submissions, with only a handful of unrelated or spam, and only a couple that were too old to qualify. I must say that the choice to narrow down to the six finalists was tough, and as I got down to the final 10, it only got tougher. I hope that one day my writing will improve to the point where I’d make the final ten, even with me as the judge. A year and a half blogging and I have a lot to learn. Please take a look at these six finalists, reading their posts, and vote for the one you’d name the top PF post of the week. Good luck to all!

  • Patrick June 16, 2009, 7:27 am

    Thanks for selecting my article! 🙂

  • J. Money June 18, 2009, 10:32 am

    Sweetness, just now coming across this! It’s def. a hard one to narrow down for sure, good work.

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