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Coffee Price Gouging?

I was thinking more about the outrage regarding gasoline prices, and it occurred to me. No outrage on coffee. When you buy a gasoline contract, today you’d pay about $1.83/gal. And I just paid $2.65 for a gallon of gas at the pump. So, along the way, there’s a 45 percent markup from the refiner to the pump price. Now, you can also see that coffee goes for $1654/ton, or 82 cents per pound. A pot of coffee takes 3 oz max, call it 25 cents worth. 4 cups to that pot, and we’re at less than 10 cents for the coffee we pay at least $2 a cup for.
Where is the outrage and cries of gouging? The markup isn’t 50% or 100%, but near 2000%! Same deal with sweets. A pound of sugar, just over 10 cents. A pound of jelly beans, $15. Is it that we view the gas as a necessity? Or that $2 a cup for coffee isn’t the impact of the $40 for that tank of gas? I don’t know the answers, I’m just thinking.

  • Jim March 4, 2012, 9:34 am

    Very simple, – it’s called GREED !
    The prices are artificially inflated, just like gasoline. There’s one thing I can promise you, – even if an overabundance of coffee floods the market, it will never go down. Again, GREED.
    Food producers love to blame higher delivery costs and shortages to increase their prices – but, don’t count on any of them to drop prices when these the situations ease.
    Again G R E E D ! Plain and simple.

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