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Credit Card due date

My Mastercard bill is due on September 3. That wouldn’t be an issue except that September 3 is a holiday in the US, and both the post office and banks are closed. Labor Day also happens to fall on a Monday, in fact, it’s always on the first Monday of September. That means my check will not be delivered on the Monday, or the day prior, or the day before that. Actually, if I don’t get the check out say the bank receives it by August 31, it will be late, and I’ll be charged interest and a late fee. I happen to pay my bills on line, and fortunately, my bank’s system will automatically warn me of the days banks are closed and suggest I make the payment earlier. These are the small things that I think about, but try not to sweat.
Update – my Amex bill just came in, and it’s due on Sept 4. I’ll keep an eye out to see if it’s ever due over a weekend or holiday, now I’m curious.


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