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Introducing Discount With Cash

Today, I’d like to give the soapbox to a fellow blogger who has started a new project with great potential. You see, part of the cash/credit discussion often turns to (a) the fact that many get some kind of rewards back for running charges through their account. Our card puts 2% cash into a 529 account, and I’m expecting that account to pay for a semester of college, and (b) there’s no motivation to pay cash and ignore the reward. Now JM introduces Discount With Cash, which I hope gains some traction:

Credit cards are the highest tax on goods and services you have never heard of.  Merchants pay fees every time they swipe your credit card and of course they increase the price of what you buy to cover that cost. You are paying extra for the convenience to use your credit card. Is it worth it? Sometimes it is, but most times it is not. Especially with some businesses offering a discount when you pay with cash. That idea is the basis behind a new website, Discount With Cash. Discount With Cash aims to provide customers with a list of local businesses that offer a discount for paying with cash. Since Discount With Cash is in its infancy they are currently looking for anyone out there that knows of businesses that offer the discount. So next time you are at the register, ask for a discount for using cash. If you get one, make sure to share it over at Discount With Cash.

Interesting idea, JM, thanks for introducing it on my blog.

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