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An End of April Roundup

In Massachusetts, it was school vacation week, and I spent this past week in New York City. A busy week, but not too busy to read my fellow PF bloggers.

At beingfrugal.net we find Proof that Frugal People DO Have a Life. MD explains that being frugal isn’t a 24/7 thing, it’s just a minor aspect of life, a way of making conscious financial decisions. I like that view as I’m often kidded when I make some purchase that appears to be unfrugal, and I’m led to explain, again, how frugality is what helped me save for the purchases I wish to make.

Free Money Finance looks at What the Top 10% Have and Earn. It will take about $120K/yr in family income to get into the top 10%. Not bad, and it goes to show how very few people are really making the big bucks.

Lazy Man And money asks How Much Do You Really Spend? It seems we underestimate our outflow. He comes to the same conclusion I did years ago – the best way to understand your spending is to write down every dollar you spend for a good period of time. This will let you review your spending and help you decide how you can cut back.

Last, Kevin from OutofYourRut.com guest posted on Fiscal Geek Stop Obsessing on Your Credit Score! Kevin makes some excellent points about the score. It’s a moving target, changing monthly if not weekly. I think most people would be better off just be fiscally aware, paying bills on time, using debt wisely, etc, than to obsess over their ‘number.’ Good points, Kevin.


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