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A Fall Back Roundup

This week, Canadian Finance Blog offers Tips To Prevent Running Out Of Money In Retirement. Some advice and a warning to be careful about how you choose your post retirement withdrawal level.

Len Penzo touches on The Fed’s Disgraceful War on Average Americans. QE2 anyone? Will all this money thrown into the system propel the next economic upturn or simply spark inflation? We’ll see.

The Oblivious Investor discussed 401(k) or IRA? What to Do If Your 401(k) Stinks. Some excellent insight, as a 401(k) with poor choices of investments or high expenses within the funds can quickly negate any tax benefits you hope to achieve.

Darren guesting at Money Help For Christians gives 4 Tips to Pay Off Your Debt ASAP. Some basic advice thats worth repeating. Those cards can carry some crazy high rates, pay them off and save a bundle.

Kevin at Out of Your Rut tells us why Your Kid Doesn’t Need a New Car. He actually offers five reasons to rethink your decision if you are going down this path. Good article Kevin, as I tweeted you, J2 will get her mom’s ten year old car when she starts driving.

Last, BSimple at Simple Financial Lifestyle posted Simple Weekend Reading – Retirement Edition, a nice roundup I was proud to be included in. Thanks, B.

Remember to change your clock – spring ahead, fall back!

  • B Simple November 7, 2010, 8:03 am

    Thanks for including my roundup post.

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