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Filing Multiple W-2s

Do you suffer from poly-W-2-phobia? You may have this fear and not even realize it.
The main symptom is that you break into a sweat when you gather your tax documents and see that you have more than one W-2 to contend with.

Fear not, my friends, my post Don’t Let Filing Multiple W-2s Scare You is now up on the TurboTax Blog and I walk you though why this is nothing to keep you up at night. Easy to handle, and even more so when you’re using TurboTax’s software.

FTC disclosure – I am compensated for the guest posts I write on the TurboTax blog. Not for the ones I write here, as they are just teasers to get my readers reading the good stuff there.

And a very happy end of Q3 to all of my readers!


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