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A Fincon11 Roundup

As I mentioned earlier this week, last weekend was the first Financial Bloggers Conference, held in Chicago. I did have a little explaining to do to my wife and daughter when they asked if I learned anything on investing, market timing, estate planning, etc. It wasn’t a finance conference, it was a gathering of writers. Together to learn about our craft. This past week, many of my fellow bloggers wrote about their experience, and this week will be a roundup of those articles.

At Give Me Back My Five Bucks, Recap: 2011 Financial Blogger Conference, Krystal  recapped a few of the speakers that caught her attention and online friends she got to meet.

Andrea at So Over Debt offered her thoughts on FINCON11 and Steve Jobs, an interesting twist on doing what you love, which really should be a goal for all of us.

At Free From Broke, Financial Blogger Conference 2011 – Meeting the PF Blogger World and More.  Glen recalls those he met and the charity event many of us participated in. His regret is how many he didn’t have a chance to say hello to, only so much free time at meals or breaks. This was run like a business conference, a full, tight schedule.

Dr Dean, whom I met, is author of The Millionaire Nurse Blog, and also made the connection with Steve Jobs in an article titled Financial Follies: What Steve Jobs and Fincon11 Have In Common Edition! No surprise, the punchline is “Passion.”

For a spouse’s view, My favorite part about #FINCON11! was written by Jeff Rose‘ wife who attended and befriended two other wives that weekend. She thinks bloggers are cool people. I think so too, and glad to see she agrees.

It was great to meet Kay Bell, who writes Don’t Mess With Taxes. She recapped Fincon with her article What a wonderful financial weekend. Yes, it was!

I think I’ll call it quits with this list. Over 250 attendees, and nearly all offered an article this week about the adventure. If nothing else, it goes to show how passionate people are about this endeavor. One brief story – I’m at the ticket counter at the airport before I flew out, and the agent is asking what I’m up to. Just making conversation. So I tell her it’s a financial bloggers conference. “Oh, blogging”, she responds, “my brother is a blogger. He writes about fonts.” So I offer her this joke to pass along. Helvetica walks into a bar, and the bartender shouts, “Hey, we don’t serve your type here.” It’s ok, she didn’t laugh either.


  • Greg Go / Wise Bread October 12, 2011, 12:16 am

    Hi Joe — thanks for coming to my SEO table at the conference! And for sharing your story about needs vs wants and your daughter. Great story! Chatting with you was one of my favorite “hallway moments” at fincon. 🙂


  • JOE October 12, 2011, 5:27 pm

    Thank you for your kindness Greg, it was really an amazing event, good to meet so many people I’ve only known on line,

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