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Frugal Friday Week 13

In my first Frugal Friday post three months back, I suggested the first step to take in you path to being frugal is a budgeting tip as well, namely, track all your spending, every cent. Now, a fellow blogger Chloe at Naturally Frugal asks her readers to take the challenge, and perhaps meet some like minded people in the process to share their experience. If you come back looking for the link in a few weeks, it has been added to my sidebar, left, below. Join Chloe’s challenge and let me know how you’re doing on it.

On another note – Today, the guest post I submitted to Moolanomy on the topic of Estate Taxes and the Right Way to Own Insurance was approved for publication. Take a look, it’s a good read and a way to maximize your heir’s inheritance. Do it wrong and it can cost you.

Enjoy the weekend. While I’m still answering at Moolanomy Answers, if you have any topics you’d like to see discussed in depth, a full article, let me know. Always looking for new ideas.


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