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Frugal Friday Week 14

Many couples talk about how the cost of the movie or dinner out is less of an issue than the cost of the sitter. A bit of googling and I find an average rate of $10/hr. So heading out at 6pm for a movie and bite and your first $40 goes to the sitter. You’re not the only one, and that’s what prompts my suggestion today. Get friendly with the parents of one of your child’s closer friends, and suggest a date night swap. You have their child over one Friday or Saturday night and they reciprocate a week later. No money changes hands, and you both get a needed night out.
Similarly, you can save by hooking up with people whose children attend the same after school functions, sports, dance, after care programs, whatever their after school events are, carpooling can save you both time (if you’re always driving) or money (if you pay someone to do it for you). Let me know if this idea works for you.

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