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Frugal Friday Week 21

The Frugal Tweeps’ Edition.

This past week, I asked my Tweeps (those I talk to on Twitter) to give me their best frugal tip for today’s post. Here we are:

@deliverawaydebt – Sentence “hands off that new purse woman” Now that’s savings.

@taxtweet – Adjust withholding so you don’t get a huge tax refund and put the extra paycheck cash into a savings account or other specific fund.

@RetSav – Wachovia’s Way to Save program – every debit card transaction, $1 is moved from checking to your savings account.

@ncheapskate – Easiest way to save? Think before you spend any money!

@stephonee – Get a cast iron skillet and learn to clean it correctly – never buy another skillet in your life!

@frugalhousewife – If you find sirloin steak on sale, have the butcher grind some up into ground sirloin.

@MyLifeROI – I think of my money as liquid effort. “Do I REALLY want to spend 2 hours [of my labor] on this ?”

@Matt_SF – Don’t allow a high price to sway your frugality. If you get X uses out of your purchase, the cost/use shrinks over time.

@nleader – do you need all the movie channels? @ $19 per channel, can save ~$100 per month and watch the series online for free.

@freefrombroke – Take enough out of your ATM so u don’t get hit with ATM charges at a machine from another bank.

Not bad, ten new tips to save some bucks, many of which hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks to all who contributed!


  • Jack October 21, 2009, 2:17 pm

    @MyLifeROI I think of my money as liquid effort. Do I REALLY want to spend 2 hours [of my labor] on this ?
    This is a great way to think. I wouldn’t want to waste my 2 hours of time on something like a trip to the coffee store.

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